A certified hospitality sales professional is one that puts the worker in contact with the public, and it allows them the opportunity to ensure they are offering the best experience to everyone they meet. This article explains how someone may make a new career for themselves in the field, how to be certified and five jobs they may get.


The concierge is the person who has been certified by the board, creating experiences for guests in any hotel and making their stay more pleasing. The concierge is the person who gets the guest started on a lovely trip when they arrive, and they provide a number of options that guests may not be aware of. The concierge will be certified by the AHLEI as a certified hospitality sales professional, and they will use their skills to ensure every guest is happy when they go home.

Hotel Desk Clerk

The desk clerk in a hotel who works a full-time job will need the certification because it is something that helps them with every guest who arrives. The guests may not have anyone to help them, and the clerk must ensure they have the expertise to help each guest. The guests will find it quite an adventure to come to the hotel, and they will enjoy spending their time there knowing that the hotel has designed an experience for them specifically. Desk clerks may ask as a concierge when one does not exist, and they will help guests get answers to their questions.

Hotel Managers

Those who move up from the concierge to the manager’s desk will need the same certification as they will find it helpful when managing everyone else. They must know what is expected of the people who work for them, and they must search for staff members who have the same level of expertise. It is quite important to remember that the certification will help when the manager is creating experiences at the hotel, and it helps them assess the people that work for them.

Events Manager

There are quite a few events managers in the world who are working for offices, universities or arenas that will host guests every week. They are working in a special part of the hospitality field, and they must host their guests properly even though they are not in a hotel or inn. The certification will help them manage the staff, hire the staff and set up for every event to meet the needs of the guest.

Catering Manager

Caterers and their managers must be certified in the field as they will have quite a lot to do at each event. They are arriving with all the food for their guests, and they must have training that helps them serve the greater good. They must work with the event manager, and they must offer a fine guest experience themselves.

The certified hospitality sales professional will work in any one of the five areas listed and more. They have freedom to offer the finest guest experience, and they may renew their certificate to learn more every few years.

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