5 Trends in Today’s Tourism Industry

  • Green Travel Gains Steam
  • Solo Travel Is More Commonplace
  • Boutique Travel Agencies Abound
  • Travel Personalization Is Key
  • Tech Is Ever More Important

The travel industry is always in a state of transition. Change is at the heart of the travel industry in a number of ways. Five key trends are significantly impacting the industry at this juncture in time and warrant an examination.

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1. Green Travel Gains Steam

People from all walks of life are becoming more environmentally aware. Whilst some people might tear into debates of global climate change, the reality is that an ever-increasing number of people are becoming more environmentally conscious in their day-to-day living. More recently, this trend among people in their daily lives has started to take hold in the travel industry. Green travel has gained steam, eco-friendly steam, according to Forbes magazine. This includes a preference for green travel destinations and the use of environmentally friendlier transport options. There is also an uptick in travel packages in which people engage in eco-beneficial activities upon reaching a destination.

2. Solo Travel is More Commonplace

Not terribly long ago the idea of traveling solo was not a concept positively maintained by many people. In today’s travel industry, the concept of solo travel is hot. A steadily growing number of people now relish the idea of taking off on a solo trip. The increase in the number of people interested in solo trips is causing changes within the travel industry itself. This includes an increase in the number of group travel options that cater to solo travelers as well as destinations that are more in-tune with the needs of people traveling solo.

3. Boutique Travel Agencies Abound

Tying in with the increase in green and solo travel is the consistent rise of more boutique travel agencies in operation each passing year. Boutique travel agencies are taking various forms, including operations that focus on certain types of travel while other shops cater to specific demographics.

4. Travel Personalization is Key

Many people are now more insistent on closer personalization of their travel experiences. One-size fits all travel packages are not appealing to a wider swath of 21st-century travelers. Thanks to ongoing technological developments, the rise of boutique travel agencies, and a better-educated population of travelers, people expect a considerable degree of personalization when on a trip.

5. Tech is Ever-more Important

Technology continues to be a major component of the travel industry. One significant trend when it comes to tech and the travel industry is the expanding use of artificial intelligence or AI. AI is playing a larger role from the moment a person gets online and starts researching possible travel ideas to what accouterments and activities will be available to a traveler at his or her destination.

At this juncture in time, the travel industry is an exciting sector, not only for travelers but for people who work in the business as well. A common belief within the industry is that exciting trends and creative options are expected to be important elements of the travel industry into the foreseeable future.