When traveling across the country, you need to find the best rest areas. These might be the stops with the best views, good food or clean showers. After a long day of driving, nothing feels better than finding a good place to relax and unwind for a little while.

1. Tamarack Tourist Information Center

This rest area is at exit 45 on I-77 and I-64. Located in Beckley, West Virginia, the Tamarack Tourist Information Center boasts of a typical food court and information center. It goes beyond basic amenities with a conference center, multiple shops and a fine art gallery. It even has a theater that hosts live performances. Because of its location and many amenities, it hosts half a million people every year.

2. The Iowa 80 Truck Stop

If you want to see the world’s largest truck stop, you can find it in Walcott, Iowa. It is located at exit 284 of I-80. Anything you could possibly want in a rest area can be found here. The basic options include clean showers, a movie theater, fast food restaurants and a laundromat. Church services are offered on Sunday, and there is even a trucking museum. This facility spans an impressive 100,000 square feet. Each day, an average of 5,000 people walk through its doors.

3. Little America

When you first see this rest area, you will probably assume that it is a hotel or resort. In reality, it actually is both of these things. Little America is placed at exit 198 on I-40 just off of Flagstaff, Arizona. Encompassing a total of 500 acres, Little America includes a hotel, a fitness center, a golf course, a business center and a swimming pool. It is outfitted with ha travel center, a convenience store, a gas station and the Little America Grill. Basically, it has everything that you could possibly want in a rest area.

4. Bear Lake Rest Area and Overlook

This is one best rest areas in the United States. It offers an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. Placed off of Route 89 in Bear Lake, Utah, this rest stop is next to a hiking trail and beautiful Bear Lake. Visitors can find plenty of parking spots and bathrooms at the rest stop.

5. South of the Border

If you need something to eat, you will find plenty of options at South of the Border. Located in Dillon, South Carolina, this rest stop is just off of I-95. It includes a total of six different dining options. Whether you want a steakhouse or a casual dining experience, you can find it here. It includes the Pedroland amusement park, so you can enjoy miniature golf, a Ferris wheel, an arcade and a carousel. Plus, it includes the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the nation. If you are tired of driving and need to sleep at South of the Border, there is a campground and an inn at the location.

A long drive can easily frazzle your nerves and exhaust you mentally. With the best rest areas, you can relax and forget about the drive ahead of you. Offered with a variety of restaurant options, they include amenities like museums, hotels, convenience stores and amusement parks. Make sure to put these rest areas on your list of stops for your road trip.