5 Benefits of Being a Travel Agent

  • A Career to be Passionate About
  • Help Create Memories
  • Work Anywhere
  • Discounted Travel
  • Get Free Trips

Many people consider a vacation to be the rest and relaxation that they’ve worked so hard for. Although they have the option to do the vacation planning themselves, some people seek out the help of professionals to obtain lifetime memories. Assisting people with planning their vacations and trips abroad may seem pretty straightforward on the surface but there are several benefits to being a travel agent.

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1. A Job to Love

One of the perks of being a travel agent is following a passion. Travel agents often choose this particular career because it’s what they love to do. They get to explore places that many people never get to see in their lifetimes. Constantly researching different parts of the world for vacation destinations and interesting attractions allow travel agents to gain a wealth of knowledge about the world. A person that is genuinely interested in traveling may find that this job makes them enjoy going to work.

2. Help Create Memories

Many people work hard all year and save for months to get the opportunity to go on vacation. Travel agents get the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve helped people to experience once in a lifetime opportunities and make lasting memories. Planning these trips can be tedious work and requires a lot of attention to detail. Taking on this task lifts a weight off of the traveler’s shoulders and allows them to enjoy the adventure. As a travel agent, the most significant part of the job is to help people. Whether it’s booking a flight or building an itinerary, agents help to take the stress out of travel.

3. Work Anywhere

One of the most convenient perks of being a travel agent is that it can be done anywhere. Moving from one city to another doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up a career. Thanks to technology, a travel agent can work from pretty much anywhere. Moving to a new location can be seen as an opportunity to meet new clients and expand the business. Depending on a travel agent’s specialty, working from home is a realistic option if combined with the proper work ethic.

4. Discounted Travel

The International Air Transport Association, or IATA, offers special travel rates to any agent with an IATA identification number. These deals were created with the intention of allowing agents to gain commission for trips that they sell but travel agents can easily take advantage of these discounts for themselves. This is a great way for travel agents to see more of the world and save money on their trips.

5. Get Free Trips

Travel agents have the opportunity to obtain all-expenses-paid trips to specific properties and destinations that want to boost their tourism. These are known as familiarization trips, or FAM trips, and travel agents can easily get access to these places on the house. These trips are offered knowing that agents will enjoy their time at the destination and will likely recommend these places to their future clients. If traveling is a top priority, then being a travel agent means that traveling with little to no money out of pocket is a possibility.

Some people work all year in anticipation of their annual vacation. Travel agents make it possible for people to truly enjoy the beauty of vacation without the hassle of ironing out the details of each trip. Embarking on a career as a travel agent can have endless possibilities and it comes with numerous advantages that make this career worthwhile.