For those training to be a chef, the world’s ever-growing population directly serves as just the type of job security that workers in other industries wish was a sure business stimulant. In fact, the need for this particular professional is expected to continue its current growth trend of a noteworthy 9% at least until 2024. Beyond such reassuring facts for workers in this area, another common matter of conversation and curiosity on this subject actually regards geography.

Different parts of the world are known for their individual offerings in food and food methodology. Which parts of the world are most valuable to those in the culinary industry, and particularly chefs in training in this way? Here, for the purpose of this piece, we list five of the most popular travel destinations for chefs in training as well as all others attuned to today’s culinary world.

Cape Town, South Africa

Located at the southern-most tip of the African continent, South Africa has a long history of African roots mixed with foreign influences and cultures. From European settlers to African tradition, this is truly a land of unique diversity. The food here is certainly no exception.

Chefs in training as well as the tenured foodie are drawn here for these reasons and the influence placed on food in the region. Cape Town specifically hosts a variety of such unique offerings in cuisine by the water. Dutch, French, Indian, Malaysian, and other influences can be found here, and much can subsequently be learned.

Chennai, India

Indian Cuisine has long been considered an important staple in all of the world’s culinary methods and regions. A crown of Asian fare, India has so much to offer the up-and-coming chef. Chennai in particular is one of the world’s top draws in this respect.

Chennai rests on the eastern shore of India, right at the waterline of the Bay of Bengal. Tourists and natives alike flock to the city for its world-class food offerings. India’s finest land, sea, and air dishes await at this location.

Lyon, France

France is another one of those fabled, storybook lands of romance, culture, and almost above all else – great food. There’s no doubt that French influence in food has spread across the globe in countless ways. For those seeking to enrich their culinary knowledge or ability, this is as great a destination as any to visit.

Aside from Paris, Lyon is arguably the most culturally rich and romanticized food vestige in all of the country. Here, street vendors cater to one side of the art while bistros, restaurants, and al fresco lounges tend to the finer side. Aspiring culinary arts professionals from all over thus come here to learn these ins and outs.

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York is also a surprising mecca of sorts to the food world, and in particular, the food world of the west. Buffalo sauce, buffalo wings, buffalo dressing – yes, these all come from Buffalo. Along with these particular namesakes, many other American food fare items are also found and embellished upon here.

Culinary students and professionals revere Buffalo because of its unique, Eastern US take on western fare. From street fare to the fanciest of indoor dining, this city represents American food well. As a result, plan to pay some attention to it if culinary arts is your area of studies.

Osaka, Japan

Finally, this list certainly would not be complete without the appropriate Japanese influence. Japanese fare and cooking method has also touched the world over. Osaka is a sort of epicenter of that particular contribution.

Osaka, Japan is a large city located near Kobe at the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Here, tourists and locals alike gather for a rich cultural and culinary experience. In particular, street fare and open-air food markets grace this place unlike many other places in today’s modernized world. For a one-of-a-kind learning experience, Osaka doesn’t disappoint.

Culinary arts keep the masses fed, and quite enjoyably at that. Those studying this area of expertise set themselves in motion to become a part of this important, massive, and global workforce. For those training to be a chef and learning about the world’s many offerings in the line of culinary arts, these five locations form the very top of your list to check into.