5 Safest European Cities to Visit This Year

  • Copenhagen
  • Stockholm
  • Dublin
  • Paris
  • Vienna

Many people dream of traveling in Europe, but it may be a good idea to start with these five safest European cities to visit. In addition to choosing a safe city to visit, tourists should also follow commonsense traveling safety measures such as not bringing too many valuables and giving a copy of their daily itinerary to someone and checking in on a regular basis. These are five of the safest cities in Europe for Americans to visit.

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1. Copenhagen

Travelers who like to explore by bicycle will have a great time in Copenhagen. The city features hundreds of miles of bike paths and bike lanes. Sidewalks have plenty of racks to store bikes. Bike rentals are also widely available. People who prefer to travel by train will also have an easy time of exploring Copenhagen. The train system is easy to use and goes to all of the major tourist destinations, entertainment districts, and boutique shopping areas.

2. Stockholm

Stockholm has the lowest crime rate of all major European cities. It is highly walkable, making it ideal for tourists who prefer to travel on foot. The ease of traveling through Stockholm ensures that visitors do not miss some of the fun quaint shops, beautiful parks, and street food vendors. The city has one of the world’s oldest continuously operating amusement parks. More than 57 bridges in the downtown area create scenic places to view the landscape. The city also has many islands worth exploring.

3. Dublin

Known for St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin is also one of Europe’s safest cities. It is also affordable, with a favorable exchange rate to the United States dollar. A three-day city bus pass costs just $20, allowing a guest to see the entire area for a minimal cost. Dublin is also known for its beautiful parks and many pubs that serve authentic Irish fare and ale. People who feel safer in countries where English is widely spoken will feel at ease in Dublin.

4. Paris

Paris is a favorite travel destination of Americans. The city’s iconic landmarks draw in millions of visitors each year. Walks along the River Seine are a top activity for couples. Recent protests and political activities have caused the United States Department of State to issue a level 2 travel advisory to Americans who plan to tour Paris. This level advises travelers to exercise caution and be aware of conditions that may rapidly change in the central part of the city.

5. Vienna

Vienna, Austria is known for its beautiful parks and labyrinths and its booming entertainment and arts areas. The city has a high quality of living and a low violent crime rate. Visitors can enjoy the many sidewalk cafes and family-owned small restaurants, which serve up traditional espresso and coffee paired with local pastry specialties. The city is well-lit in the downtown areas and parks, so travelers will feel comfortable walking around the downtown areas well into the night.

Safety issues in foreign countries can change at any time, so travelers who want to stay safe should be sure to check with the Department of State for warnings and advisories before their departure. Following the local news in the cities on a traveler’s itinerary is also a good way to be informed of potential hazards. These five safest European cities to visit in 2019 are a good way for a person to get comfortable with traveling abroad.