What Are The Best Budget-Friendly Cities in Europe?

  • 1. Novi Sad
  • 2. Budapest
  • 3. Granada
  • 4. Prague
  • 5. Riga

Although Europe has plenty of distinguished and fashionable cities, it’s still possible to find a highly affordable European destination for every kind of traveler. In fact, plenty of places in Europe will surprise tourists with their affordability. From Granada in Southern Spain to Novi Sad in Serbia, numerous options exist to have a great time without spending thousands on food and accommodation.

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1. Novi Sad

As the second-largest city in Serbia, this destination has a population of only around 300,000 people. Nonetheless, it is full of cultural events and was named the European Capital of Culture for 2021. Walking through the streets, it’s possible to find both small family-owned restaurants with local Serbian food as well as stylish burger joints and vegan food. Music fans will recognize this city from Exit Festival, a huge music event boasting big names like DJ Snake, Lost Frequencies, and Liam Gallagher. Like most destinations in Eastern Europe, Novi Sad allows budget travelers to have a blast.

2. Budapest

This is another great European destination for anyone who wants to enjoy culture while eating well. The easy-to-use metro system makes exploring the city a breeze, especially considering that it is divided into two parts across the Danube river. Whether staying in Buda or Pest, travelers can observe countless opulent buildings with stunning facades, all while simply taking a walk. Likewise, budget food options abound in this diverse city, with Turkish kebab shops on seemingly every corner. The language barrier is no problem, as Hungarians living in Budapest typically speak English. Ruin pubs, art history museums, and charming city trams heighten Budapest’s appeal to all kinds of travelers.

3. Granada

This city in south Spain has all the charm of Andalusia without a high price tag. An hour away from the coast by car, travelers can easily plan a multi-stop vacation while enjoying Spain’s affordable southern region. Outdoorsy people will adore the nearby Sierra Nevada national park, while history buffs will be interested in The Alhambra and the historical neighborhood Albayzín. As Shivani Vora at the New York Times points out, Granada’s tapas are a popular pull for tourists and locals alike who want to enjoy a small, quality snack with drinks. Tapas are free with drinks in most Andalusian restaurants, making Granada an incredibly affordable destination in Europe.

4. Prague

As the capital of Czechia, Prague is a historic city renowned for its beer halls and beautiful architecture. Travelers can enjoy visiting the famous Prague Castle with towering spires that define the city’s aesthetic. Popular budget activities in this cheap European destination include viewing public art installations, ordering espresso at a small cafe, and stopping by local eateries for grilled sausages or dumplings. In the end, Prague manages to be affordable despite its popularity with tourists across the world.

5. Riga

This Baltic city is the capital of Latvia and has a population of over 800,000 people. Its charming buildings and trendy cultural side result in a unique European destination that will surprise and delight every traveler. The country itself is relatively small, so it’s easy for tourists to take day trips to smaller towns and villages without spending a lot of time or money on transportation. Travelers looking for a memorable yet affordable experience should head to the Riga Central Market to buy quality seafood and taste cheap dishes.

These are just a few of the many options people can enjoy in Europe. Clearly, it’s possible for travelers to find budget-friendly European destinations and have a blast without spending excessive amounts of money.