5 Unique Hospitality Jobs

  • Sleep Concierge
  • Proposal Concierge
  • Gaming Manager
  • Running Concierge
  • Listening Officer

Unique jobs in hospitality allow hospitality majors to obtain creative positions that are both fun and exciting. With more and more consumers looking for additional services while they travel and/or visit hotels, businesses in the hospitality industry are now providing even more career opportunities for recent graduates. Many of these positions are relatively new but are gaining in popularity, and some of the more popular ones are described within the sections that follow.

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Sleep Concierge

One unique job in hospitality that is becoming quite popular in hotels today is known as a sleep concierge. While getting a good night’s rest is essential for people’s health and well-being, it can be quite difficult for some people to sleep peacefully in a hotel room. A professional sleep concierge can remedy this situation by offering customers such things as sleep assessments and consultations, pillow recommendations, sleep-inducing massages, eye masks, herbal teas, and various snacks that can help hotel visitors sleep.

Proposal Concierge

Proposal concierges typically work for hotel chains or travel agencies, and their main goal is to ensure that everything runs smoothly when an individual wants to propose to his or her partner. Professionals employed in these unique hospitality jobs offer a broad range of services that often include such things as assistance with ring selection, booking venues for the proposal, planning activities and meals for the special night, creating a romantic atmosphere, and hiring professional photographers to capture the moment.

Gaming Manager

Sometimes referred to as gaming supervisors or gaming services workers, gaming managers oversee the operations of hotel casinos. Common duties of gaming managers may vary depending on the work environment but often include such tasks as interviewing job applicants, training new employees, handling customer complaints, and ensuring that payouts are correct. According to the United States Department of Labor, these jobs paid an average yearly salary of $22,300 during the year 2017.

Running Concierge

Another unique job in hospitality is that of a running concierge. The main responsibility of these professionals is to help health-conscious persons stay in shape while visiting a hotel. The running concierge leads hotel visitors on a type of running tour through the local area. During this run, the concierge points out popular tourist spots and other places of interest such as shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Individuals who are interested in this job will need to be in good physical shape and must be knowledgeable about the local area.

Listening Officer

All hospitality businesses want to know whether or not their customers are satisfied with their services, and the best way to find out is to listen to what they are saying. The primary job of listening officers is to monitor what consumers are saying through such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, hospitality forums, and review sites. Persons who choose these unique jobs in hospitality enable hospitality managers to create positive images for their businesses, maintain positive images, and improve images if necessary.

Hospitality is a lucrative industry that offers many great career opportunities. But for people who are looking to work beyond such positions as desk clerks or restaurant workers, there are also many unique jobs in hospitality (such as those described above) that may be of interest to them.