Those with children know just how quickly the childhood years speed past. Between work and school, it often means missing out on precious family time. But these days, more and more families are leaving the schedules and the 9 to 5s so they can travel the world as a family. Whether they travel full-time without a home base, or just travel as frequently as they can, all are inspired by the idea of spending more precious time together. And fortunately for us, they’re documenting it all on social media! Keep scrolling for Instagram’s 10 best traveling families.

The American Field Trip

“Travel near so you can travel more.” That’s the travel philosophy of the family behind The American Field Trip. Together with their two young children, the Bowmans travel across the United States in a camper van they’ve christened “Buster.” The Bowmans share high-quality photos of their journey to visit all 419 national parks in the United States (to date they’ve seen 124!).

The Bucket List Family

The Bucket List Family is perhaps the ultimate traveling family! Four years ago, the Gee family — dad Garrett, mom Jessica, Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan — sold everything they owned and set out with the mission of traveling the globe together as a family. Self-proclaimed “family travel journalists,” The Bucket List Family has traveled dozens of countries and raked in almost 2 million Instagram followers!

Evie & Emmie

If you want to be inspired, then you’d do well to follow Mum Pack Travel. Boasting more than 107,000 followers, this popular Instagram account follows Evie, a single mother to daughter Emmie. Together, the Australian mother and daughter have trekked all over the world during their nearly three years of full-time budget travel. In August 2019, Evie and Emmie released a book about their adventures called Backyard to Backpack.

The Herlockers

While many of the families on our list travel internationally, the Herlockers stick a little closer to home. The family of five — plus two dogs and a cat — renovated a 1967 Airstream with which they are currently traveling full time throughout the United States. Their Instagram account is full of beautiful photographs, thought-provoking self reflections, and interesting information about things like “road schooling.”

Less Junk More Journey

Nathan and Marissa, along with their two young children, travel around the country in an Airstream trailer. As full-time RV travelers, this inspiring Christian family is passionate about outdoor life. Follow this account for high-quality photos and thought-provoking self reflections about everything from parenthood to nature.

Local Passport Family

Big families with big travel dreams are sure to be inspired by the Local Passport Family. This influential Instagram account is run by Preethi, a San Francisco Bay Area-based mother of four. She and her husband document their family’s tales as they “learn like locals at home and abroad.” So far, they’ve traveled to 38 countries and 49 states as a family.

Our EveryJ Life

Parents Jesse and Joyce, and their two sons Jonah and Jaxon, were on a beach in Barbados when they were inspired to sell everything and travel the world. The Bajan/Korean-Canadian family now travels full time with the missions of “being good travellers [sic] and spreading good vibes!” As if their beautiful photography weren’t enough of a reason to follow this fun traveling family, Our EveryJ Life does a great job highlighting the many social enterprise projects they discover all over the world.

Travel Mad Mum

Karen and her family first gained the attention of the Instagram world when they spent much of their year-long maternity leave traveling in a caravan from South America to Canada. Perhaps better known as Travel Mad Mum, Karen works as a nurse, now has two children, and lives in London. An inspiration to many, she documents her family’s busy travel schedule, while also managing a helpful travel website, and a Facebook group dedicated to family travel.

The Walton Adventure

Like an increasing number of families, the Waltons sold everything to become a full-time traveling family. Mike and Carly, along with their two young daughters, Whitney and Mara, have trekked all over the globe. Unlike many traveling families, who tend to stick to major cities with their young children, the Waltons crave outdoor adventure. To fund their travels, Carly teaches music lessons online, while Mike works as a commercial photographer (so you know their Instagram photos are awesome!).

The Worldwide Webers

It’s the stated goal of the Webers to visit every country on Earth as a family. So far, they’re doing pretty well, considering their youngest child has already racked up more than 30! Run by mom Erica, The Worldwide Webers Instagram account is bound to have you laughing out loud. Through fun photos and funnier stories, Erica manages to show both the challenges and joys of traveling with young children.