Would you like to travel, experience new cultures and earn a living all at the same time? If you are talented writer who is capable of captivating an audience, becoming a blogger who writes about their travels could be a great professional move. A professional blogger is more than just someone who writes online journals, it is someone who writes to earn an income and who has long-term readers and clients. Anyone can create a blog and anyone with the capital to do so can explore the globe, but not everyone can be a professional blogger. If your goal is to write a travel blog for a living, read on and learn about the steps that you can take.

Choose a Location or a Subject You Are Passionate About

Traveling is fun when you are visiting a place for recreation. If your main purpose to visiting a destination is to write about it, you need to be passionate about the topic. There is more to a blog like this than just telling people about the best destinations and attractions. You may enjoy writing about historic sights or where to stay, but if you are not excited about these subjects it will show in your posts.

You need to really find an area in the industry that you have a unique perspective on. Maybe you want to write about the best underground eateries, which clubs have the cleanest bathrooms, or how to spend your free time for under $20. Readers want to find bargains and they love exclusivity. Also, your passion will show through in the content which makes it much more fun to read.

Write Posts Often and Stay Consistent

You are not going to get paid to experience the world initially because you will need to build credibility. You may just start a personal blog with your own stories, gain interest, and then start building relationships as an affiliate marketer. You may be asked to do a regular column. The only way that any of this can happen is for you to post to your personal blog regularly.

You are not going to realistically be typing away at your computer about travels 7 days a week, but you can write multiple posts per week if you are serious. They do not have to be extremely long unless you have much to cover, but be sure that they are free of obvious grammatical errors and always engaging. Remember, this is your business and poor quality content is never acceptable.

Driving Traffic to Your Blog to Get Attention That Pays

There are a many ways that you can direct traffic to your blog. Decide what kind of readers will like your content and then choose a platform. Facebook will help you reach diverse audiences, Instagram is great for targeting the photographers at heart, Twitter helps you engage your audience, and Pinterest is great for moms. Push your content out there to optimize your blog and to get readers. Doing this will help you earn sponsored posts, affiliates, partnerships, banner ads and product placement which is where you earn your money.

You cannot expect to earn a large amount of money at first. You will be a starving traveler writing about prior experiences without earning money until you get attention. Once you have a good ranking and proven traffic, you can attract affiliates where you will earn commissions on purchases for hotels or products and click throughs. You may also be asked by a company to promote a product or service and get free trips to do so. Be patient, stay diligent, and you can earn money to travel.