Is it possible to work from home in travel vocations? The answer is yes, absolutely. As surprising and contradictory as it may seem, there are actually many opportunities to work at home within the travel industry. Read on for five of the best examples of these very real positions.

Social Media Manager

Most professionals today are fairly adept in the use of social media. As time goes by this skill becomes more elementary because of its widespread use and accessibility. For someone with social media skills and interests, a position as a social media manager is one great way to work at home in travel.

A social media manager working in the travel industry makes it their business to oversee all social media pertaining to particular travel destinations and businesses. Starting pay for such a position is typically around $35,000 per year with room for plenty of upward growth. A great job here can be performed daily from the comfort of home.

Home-Based Travel Agent

A travel agent is responsible for assisting clients with planning and arranging their vacations. This is all done at home by a home-based travel agent. However, it is important to note that to be legitimate and legal in this position one must acquire a number of supplier-vendor affiliation certifications. Once fully vested, the agent can work a volume of work as heavy or as light as they desire.

Travel Blogger

A travel blogger is someone who shares their insights and experiences online about traveling. Advertisements and marketing affiliations generate the pay here and do so based on the success and popularity of the blog. Some real, ongoing travel experiences would certainly be required in order to maintain credibility in this position. However, at its core, the travel blogger position is one of computer data input, easily done from home. On average, this position pays $30,000 after the first year.

Cruise Planner

Somewhat similar to a travel agent, the cruise consultant, or cruise planner assists clients in setting up their vacations. This position however, focuses more on the cruise side of the vacation. One great example of this is a home-based cruise planner franchise opportunity offered through American Express. Without any previous experience, many have used this program to make huge gains in the industry, and from the comfort of home.

Exchange Student Local Coordinator

An exchange student local coordinator is someone who goes out into their own as well as other neighboring communities seeking placement opportunities for the exchange student program. The coordinator is responsible for finding safe, appropriate, match-homes for visiting, foreign exchange students. Organizations such as the Aspect Foundation, STS Foundation, and the American Institute for Foreign Study regularly need coordinators. Pay and incentives vary greatly in this position, but it can all be performed out of your own home.

Explore Your Options

Finally, explore your options. There are many more opportunities out there just like these. Further recommended reading and research opportunities in the matter may be found by contacting the United States Travel Association. Pursuing a hospitality degree is also a good option to explore and expand your opportunities. Today, there are many ways to comfortably and securely work from home in travel careers.